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What are you talking about dude? That’s the best part!!

Not necessarily Christian camp, but you know what I mean.



I was literally told this on Reddit. Then I had to refute that with how bullshit that was. There are so many versions of the Bible and none of them really have any literary merit, I’ve read Shakespeare, Ivanhoe, most of Dickens, Austen, Little Women, Hemingway, etc. etc. etc. The Bible has nothing on them.

The Bible IS an interesting document from a historical perspective.  There are questions of how it was created, why it was created, who wrote it, what ancient myths it was based on, why people claimed that their ancestors lived for hundreds of years, etc.  But it has no more literary merit than a frog that one is dissecting might have.

Haha. I do agree it’s interesting from a historical standpoint as far as the hows and whys as to they way it was created, but the bible is full of continuity errors and contradictions, it’s not even that great of a book in literary terms.

Replace Jewish with Indian and Hindu.

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