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Sometimes in America, if you’re not a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Straight Male, you deserve all the human rights violations you experience.

EDIT: So you know, one of my goals in this comic was to bring to the forefront an issue a lot of White Americans are ignoring. Get involved ASAP.

Also, read this is you were upset about my lack of WOC/QPOC.

What we did is, we made up 5000 resumes: on half of them we put an African American name, on half of them we put a white name. Otherwise, the resumes were exactly the same. Then we sent them out. Which got called back more? What we found was that the same resume, when it had an African American name, was 33% less likely to get an interview than when it had a white name. So if a white person is searching for a job for ten weeks, an equivalently skilled African American person will be searching for fifteen weeks. Those are five long weeks if you’re unemployed.

— Dr. Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University Professor of Economics, Freakonomics (via cocknbull)
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