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Had there been no Christianity, there would be no USA as we know it or maybe even at all…


Seems like godless heathens are also social creatures…


If he existed, that would be a biggest insult and blasphemy to him…


I wonder which is worse - have alternating morals and try to do as little harm as possible or have fixed morals and fuck them plenty…


I wonder which is worse - have alternating morals and try to do as little harm as possible or have fixed morals and fuck them plenty…

When you’re watching ‘Cosmos’ and realize Carl Sagan isn’t alive anymore


‘Tree of life’ constructed for all living bird species

Scientists have mapped the evolutionary relationships among all 9,993 of the world’s known living bird species. The study, published today in Nature, is an ambitious project that uses DNA-sequence data to create a phylogenetic tree — a branching map of evolutionary relationships among species — that also links global bird speciation rates across space and time.

“This is the first dated tree of life for a class of species this size to be put on a global map,” says study co-author Walter Jetz, an evolutionary biologist at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Librarians refuse to file creationist books in the science section


This should give you a well-deserved Friday smile: librarians won’t file books about young-Earth creationism alongside books about actual science; instead, they’re classified as religion. If you’re interested, you should check out the article “Librarians decide what is reality,” which gives us this money quote:

The problem isn’t that young earth creationism might be wrong. The problem is that it isn’t scientific.

Stick it to ‘em, librarians! And while you’re at it, be sure to remove books about intelligent design from science sections too - it gives them legitimacy they don’t deserve. This isn’t an issue of censorship, it’s about having a meaningful definition of science. Intelligent design advocates fail a key test to determine if a theory is scientific, namely that they don’t put forth any testable hypotheses (they also heavily rely on undefined terms like ‘irreducible complexity’). I don’t think their books should be published or banned, they just don’t deserve the title and legitimacy of ‘science.’ 

Louisiana private school teaches the Loch Ness monster is real to disprove evolution


Continuing the trend of encouraging a love of stupidity, a private Christian school in Louisiana has begun including the Loch Ness monster in its biology curriculum. The inclusion of the monster is all about trying to somehow disprove evolution by talking about fake monsters. Because that makes as much logical sense as proving existence with an invisible being.

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Question evolution campaignfollow for the best atheist posts on tumblr



I think

Charles DARWIN. Tree of Life / A reproduction of the first-known sketch of an evolutionary tree describing the relationships among groups of organisms 
© Syndics of Cambridge University Library

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I can’t believe this is really real… -Cam

the thing that makes this really bad is not just that this is in there, but that it is the FIRST thing. smh.

Strange, doesn’t this sound weirdly similar to your bigoted statement that a disbelief in evolution should disqualify doctors from practicing medicine? You are not against bigotry, you are against religious bigotry and for atheistic bigotry. Shame on you for this nauseating double standard.

The understanding of biology and physiology are intrinsically tied to the theory of evolution. Only by that theory do the observations of those fields make any sense at all. To think that I’m a bigot because I demand such an understanding from my medical professionals shows an astonishing misunderstanding of the term “bigotry” on your part. Would it be bigotry to disqualify someone who denies the germ theory of disease from a obtaining a medical license? But, perhaps most troubling is the disregard for evidence and critical thinking required to deny evolution. Qualities which are kind of important in a doctor, says me. Pardon me for wanting a doctor who values evidence over their own personal beliefs. It’d be nice to have a doctor who can explain why I have an appendix or wisdom teeth or why that majority of my genes are useless vestiges (beside “because god is a crappy designer”).

Even the biggest and most powerful Christian institution in the world, The Vatican, accepts evolution (as well has the big bang and age of the universe). Now why would they make such a huge concession if they didn’t feel that their credibility (what little they have) was at stake?

But alas, I can’t say that I’m surprised that a right-winger would misunderstand the meaning of bigotry (or scientific qualification). Afterall these are the folks that think preventing bullying is religious bigotry against bullies and equal rights for gays amounts to bigotry against Christians. And now demanding a basic understanding of science (namely: how evidence works) to be a doctor is a “nausiating double standard”. go-away-bright-light.

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