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war kills people from the inside out sometimes

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”

i think i’ve posted this before but it’s so powerful

oh my God.

Indiana man who got a Romney face tattoo not surprisingly unhappy about the election results


Eric Hartsburg of Indiana, was such a believer in Romney that he raised $5000 on ebay to get a gigantic Romney/Ryan logo tattoo on the side of his face. Now that the election is over and Romney is not president, Hartsburg is unsurprisingly disappointed. And we are all disappointed in him. More than the Zune tattoo guy.

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Scientists issue a new warning that earth is on the verge of calamitous environmental change. America reacts: …


Depression? New Deal with it.


Depression? New Deal with it.

Half Of American Households Hold 1 Percent Of Wealth


The share of the nation’s wealth held by the less affluent half of American households dropped precipitously after the financial crisis, to 1.1 percent, according to new calculations by Congress’s nonpartisan research service.

By contrast, the share of total net worth held by the weathiest 1 percent of American households continued rising, hitting 34.5 percent in 2010. The top 10 percent’s share was 74.5 percent.

The bottom half’s share of wealth has declined since it reached a high of 3.6 percent in 1995. But the most dramatic drop occurred after 2007, according to the analysis of data from the Federal Reserve’s latest Survey of Consumer Finances.

Another staggering indicator of the concentration of wealth at the top in the U.S: When all household wealth is divided by the number of households, the mean household net worth in 2010 totals $498,800. But the median household net worth - the level at which half the households have more and half have less - was $77,300, meaning that the rich have so much that the average net worth in the U.S. is actually 6.5 times that of a typical American family.


I love this.


I love this.

Gallup Poll: 46% of Americans Are Creationists



This is embarrassing, depressing and terrifying.  The overall 46% is horrible, but it’s the 25% of POSTGRADUATES and 46% of college grads that really astonishes me.  Seriously?  How can we be letting people graduate from college and not know basic science??  You know what, strike that.  How can over 50% of kids just out of high school not know basic science in this country?  Grrrrr….  ~JJ


June 1, 2012 By Hemant Mehta 

According to a Gallup poll released today, 46% of Americans believe in Creationism, 32% of Americans believe in god-guided evolution, and 15% of Americans are actually right:

We are a country full of deluded people…

Not surprisingly, the less education you have, the more likely you are to believe in nonsense:

Americans with postgraduate education are most likely of all the educational groups to say humans evolved without God’s guidance, and least likely to say God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years. The creationist viewpoint “wins” among Americans with less than a postgraduate education.

I love that “wins” is in quotation marks.

Also, to no one’s surprise, Republicans and frequent church-goers were more likely to think God poofed us into existence.

Gallup’s conclusion:

Despite the many changes that have taken place in American society and culture over the past 30 years, including new discoveries in biological and social science, there has been virtually no sustained change in Americans’ views of the origin of the human species since 1982

All in all, there is no evidence in this trend of a substantial movement toward a secular viewpoint on human origins.

… almost half of Americans today hold a belief, at least as measured by this question wording, that is at odds with the preponderance of the scientific literature.

Alright, readers from other countries. Mock us. We deserve it.

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(A slide from Jerry Coyne’s lecture, “Why Evolution is True”)


Ignorance is superior…sounds pretty Orwellian to me.


Ignorance is superior…sounds pretty Orwellian to me.

I’m not a very good American, because I like to form my own opinions.

George Carlin (via moralcrusader)


Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up?


Crisis for US Science Is Looming, Physicists Warn

The United States is at risk of ceding its leadership in science, a number of physicists agreed Monday (April 2), though there was less of a consensus on a clear solution to the problem.

Five physicists shared their worries about America’s scientific future during a panel discussion here at the April 2012 meeting of the American Physics Society, saying that governmental funding for science research is in crisis, and not enough U.S. students graduate with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.

“There are some facts and figures that are very disturbing, which show the United States might be losing ground in science and discovery, whereas other countries are gaining,” Pushpa Bhat, a physicist at Illinois’ Fermi Accelerator National Laboratory (Fermilab), said at a press conference preceding the panel. “We can’t sit back and watch.”

Bhat lamented the lack of cutting-edge physics facilities in this country. While many of the world’s best instruments and experiments, such as Fermilab’s Tevatron particle accelerator, used to be housed here, that frontier has moved elsewhere. For example, the world’s largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider, is located at the CERN lab in Switzerland, while Illinois’ Tevatron has shut down.



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